how we think

We love the Bible and think it is the inspired Word of God. The Scripture tells us that the Word of God became flesh and dwelt among us. This is such good news! Jesus is the Word and he has written His ways on our minds and in our hearts (Hebrews 8:10-13). Therefore, we want to nurture a healthy blend of devotional study of scripture and conversational relationship with the Spirit of Christ. In this way, we embrace the beliefs of Christ which shape our ideas, motives and ultimately our lifestyle.

We believe God has a compelling vision for each of our lives.  His creative design is displayed uniquely in each person according to His gifts and calling.  Our hope is that we discover and live according to God’s intentions for our lives in absolute freedom.  We think it's amazing to share and support the myriad of personal dreams, passions, callings and grace-gifts embodied in this fellowship. As we learn to relate deeply and walk out our faith together, we express the reality of God's kingdom to our neighbors and to the nations in a naturally, supernatural way. Therefore, programs simply help us connect with one another and facilitate this Vision.

I really appreciate the outward focus of our community: that living with God means caring about the people He loves both inside and outside the four walls of the Church.
— Ben

Values we filter our decisions through


Values we place on the Kingdom of God:

The Kingdom of God is our focal-point. Matt. 6:33

The Spirit of Christ establishes the Kingdom of God within us. Luke 17:21

We endeavor to express the Kingdom of God; first to our neighbors and then to the Nations. 1 John 2:27

What we consider valuable about the Church:

Simply, the Church is made up of people with Christ as its Head.

We believe there is one Church comprised of many unique expressions of the Body of Christ.

The Holy Spirit makes us one according to 1 Corinthians 12:13.

As Peter wrote in 1Peter 2:4-6 we each belong because we are living stones being built together as a dwelling place of God by His Spirit.

As the Church, we are Family because God sent a Son, the first-born among many brothers. Romans 8:29.

We choose to invite others into fellowship without devaluing those already in our heart.

Relational challenges happen. Conflict, jealously & selfish ambition are addressed with reconciliation as our goal; Matt 18:15-17.

Grace can confront with truth in love. We value mercy over judgment.

Space can be sacred and bring a sense of “place” as it is used to facilitate heart connections.

Our building is a gift and is used to serve the needs of the people within our church-community as well as the greater community of Woodland Park.

Some thoughts on Money Values:

God is generous! We seek to cultivate that generosity in our own hearts as we give generously as unto the Lord.

As a rule, we do our best to distribute to the needs of people first, followed by the organizational systems that support people.

As a practice, we designate our tithe to the pastors who watch over us. In this way, we honor the spiritual oversight, elders and servant leaders with a portion of our giving.

Stewarding resources, not just money, as gifts from the Father; we understand offerings differ from tithes and are to be used for facility needs and special ministry projects.

We value living within our means by budgeting with the goal of remaining free from debt.

Institutional accountability; we are willing to communicate everything in the light.

Within our experience of God’s generosity, we are unafraid to believe for more.